Soil Saver Rebate

Healthy soils mean healthy plants, and healthy plants require less water and are better able to withstand stressors such as drought. One of the best ways to build healthy soil on existing lawn areas is to aerate and top-dress with compost. Core aeration removes compacted soil and thatch, and compost functions as a natural fertilizer. Mulch helps to build healthy soils around trees and in landscape bed areas by insulating soil and roots, reducing water losses from evaporation, and adding nutrients as it decomposes. This program provides rebates for core aeration of lawn areas, top-dressing lawn areas with compost, and using mulch on beds, gardens, and trees. 

The rebate is open to existing single-family residential San Marcos Water Utility customers with an account in good standing.    

For more information download the program flyer and application (PDF).

If you have questions please email Jan De La Cruz.

Soil Aeration Graphic