Multifamily Recycling Service

Multifamily Recycling

The City of San Marcos contracts with Texas Disposal Systems (TDS) for on-site recycling service for multifamily properties. Look for the shared recycling carts, dumpsters, or chutes at your property.

Garbage service for multifamily properties is managed by permitted private contractors provided by the property manager.

Recycling Service Information

  • All material should be loose, not bagged
  • Do not overload the recycling container; the lid should be closed
  • if you have extra recycling, place materials in a small cardboard box by the dumpster
    • Residents can also use the 24-hour drop-off at Green Guy Recycling
  • Empty and Rinse containers; no food or liquids
  • Flatten boxes to conserve space
  • Please follow the recycling guide to minimize contamination
  • Serviced once a week

Glass, metal, cartons, paper, plastic 1-7

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  2. Residents
  3. Management
Other_No bagged recycle
Other_No styrofoam
Recycle Cardboard
Other_Plastic envelopes
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Plastic Film Recycling Tip Card (English)
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