Crimes Against Children, Elderly, and Disabled

This position works crimes against Children, Elderly and Disabled Individuals. Reports are received from patrol, Child Protective Services, and/or Adult Protective Services. All the reports are read from CPS/APS that come in with a San Marcos Address. If a case is involving a child, we work with CPS in a joint investigation. A forensic interview will be set up at a Child Advocacy Center, which is a safe place for a child to give a statement, if they want to talk about the incident. After the forensic interview is complete we will interview any other children involved in the home to make sure they are safe. It is then our job to interview any witnesses and interview the suspect(s). Upon completion of the investigation we will work with the District Attorney's office to see the best course of action for the investigation being worked. This can involve a case review with an ADA, a warrant being issued, or presentation to the Grand Jury.