Training Division


The San Marcos Police Department became a TCOLE approved training provider in 1989. This was done so that the department could provide continuing education for our own officers in-house. In 1993, San Marcos PD applied to TCOLE and gained accreditation as a full training academy. This allows the San Marcos Police Department to train our own people as well as those from outside agencies in continuing education as well as certification courses.

The San Marcos Police Department does NOT offer Basic Police Officer Certification (BPOC). BPOC interested persons should click on If you have any questions, please email


We have 2 full time training coordinators whose responsibilities include:

  • Assure compliance with all TCOLE regulations/rules and Training Academy Rules
  • Coordinate all training activities for 105 commissioned and 31 civilian personnel, including:
    • State mandated training (Legislatively required)
    • Assignment specific training
    • Career development training
    • City/Department mandated training
  • Locate and host training seminars for our personnel
  • Hold training advisory board meetings (3 civilian and 9 employee members).
  • Maintain detailed training records
  • Maintain and coordinate the use of classrooms, driving track (SMPD + 10 other agencies), and firing range (SMPD + 24 other agencies)
  • Test, evaluate, and acquire equipment
  • Maintain the Physical Readiness Room (Gym)
  • Maintain all weapons systems

Additional Instructors

Although there are only 2 full time coordinators, the San Marcos Police Department has many great instructors among their ranks who instruct classes on a part time basis in addition to their other full time duties. These specialized instructors include: Defensive Tactics, Driving/PIT, Firearms (all are handgun/shotgun instructors with several specialized in rifle and low-light techniques), Less-Lethal Impact Munitions, Police Bicycle, FTO (Field Training Officers who provide one on one on-the-job training for 15 weeks for new hires), SFST/Intoxicated Drivers, Taser, plus others.

TCOLE Requirements

TCOLE mandates that every Texas Peace Officer receive 40 hours of continuing education every 2 years. The San Marcos Police Department has committed to doubling this required amount so that every San Marcos officer receives, minimally, 40 hours of training every year. Most surpass that mark yearly.

Recent Academy Statistics
                                                         FY21              FY20             FY19          FY18          FY17           FY16
Total training rosters:                 140                   72               155               82            115             151
Total training hours:                 8,021             7,031         18,607          9,245         9,482       10,538
Total students trained:                999                573           1,305             634          1,081         1,256

  1. Erin Clewell

    Erin Clewell

    Training Sergeant
    Phone: 512-754-2203
    Sergeant Clewell has been a peace officer since 1996. He holds a Master Peace Officer certification from the Texas Commission on Law Enforcement (TCOLE). During his time with the department, Sergeant Clewell has served as a Patrol Officer/Corporal/Sergeant, a department trainer, and is currently assigned as the Training Coordinator and Rangemaster for the San Marcos Police Department

    He proudly served in the U.S. Army (3rd Inf. Div.) and was honorably discharged in 1999. He has also worked for the Hays County Sheriff’s Department with assignments in corrections, patrol, FTO, and SORT.

    He holds or has held the following certifications:
    • Basic SWAT
    • Field Training Officer
    • SFST Practitioner
    • TCOLE Instructor certification
    • PPCT Defensive Tactics / Pressure Points / Impact Weapon Instructor
    • TCOLE Firearms Instructor
    • NRA Tactical Shooting Instructor
    • Taser Instructor
    • ALERRT Rapid Response to Active Shooter Instructor
    • Surefire/Strategos International Low-Light Tactics Instructor
    • Armorer for Glock pistols, AR15 rifles, and Remington shotguns
    Additional Responsibilities
    In addition to his coordinating duties, Sergeant Clewell also regularly instructs firearms, defensive tactics, low-light tactics, and force on force/officer survival scenarios for the department and across the country for several other organizations, including the ALERRT Center and the Texas Tactical Police Officers Association.