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  1. The wreaths arrive from Maine at Station 2
  2. 12-27-2022 Tanger Outlet Mall Annual Donation
  3. 093022 Training Facility Groundbreaking for Website

    Training Facility Groundbreaking

    Groundbreaking on SMFD's Fire Training Facility Read on...
  4. 09.09.22 SMFD 9-11 Flag Raising Ceremony City Hall Invitation

    SMFD Annual Flag Raising Ceremony

    Friday, 9/9/22 San Marcos Fire Department raised the flag that flew over San Marcos City Hall 09/11/01 in a promise to Never Forget! Read on...
  5. Resident Assistant Training 2022

    SMFD Promotes Fire Safety at Texas State

    On Friday, August 5, 2022, SMFD trained with Texas State Residence Assistants (RAs) More Information about RA Training
  6. Sunshine Kids Floating River
  7. NF Fire Chief of the Year
  8. NF- SMFD Awards

    Texas Fire Chiefs Association Honors SMFD Members

    San Marcos Fire Captain Louis Gonzales was recognized with the Fire Safety Award. Senior Administrative Assistant Kimberly Cisneros received the Texas Fire Chiefs Association’s President Award. Read on...
  9. Full Station 1

    SMFD held a soft Grand Opening for Station #2

    San Marcos Fire Department held a Grand Opening of the newest station, Station #2 on December 30, 2020. Read on...