CDBG-DR Needs Assessment Task Force

The task force is made up of impacted citizens, community leaders and human service organizations that will help the City identify, and articulate to HUD, the needs of our community. Their work has created the foundation for the Action Plan to implementing the grant and ultimately restoring and creating a more resilient San Marcos.

Task Force Members

Debbie Gonzales-Ingalsbe - Hays County
Todd Salmi - Serve San Marcos
Gene Martin - Housing Authority
Lance Spruiell - CVB and San Marcos Chamber of Commerce
Carole Belver - Community Action
Larry Burruss – Fairlawn Neighborhood
Thomas Monahan - BR3T
Laura DuPont - Four Rivers Association of Realtors
Ruben Garza - Southside Community Center
Phil Hutchison - Habitat for Humanity
Ruben Becerra – Centro Cultural Hispano de San Marcos
Blanca Loya - Blanco Gardens
Michael Cardona - Supt. SMCISD
Karen Griffith - Asst. Supt. SMCISD
Adriana Cruz- Greater San Marcos Partnership