Blanco Gardens Drainage Improvements - CDBG-DR

Project Name: Blanco Gardens Drainage Improvements

Project Number: CDBG-DR

Project Manager: Jacquelyn Thomas

Current Design Phase: Complete, Bid October 2021

Construction Estimate: $15,222,644

Construction Start Year: 2022

Project Information: The Blanco Gardens Drainage Improvement Project will provide new underground and open channel stormwater improvements to alleviate the flooding experienced in the Blanco Gardens neighborhood in the historic 2015 flood events. The first phase of the project includes moving neighborhood overhead electric and telecommunications lines into underground counduit due to it's higher reliability, being less prone to outages during storm events. This work will take place in the alleyways parallel to Barbara and Conway. The underground lines will replace the overhead service lines presently connecting to property owners; City Contractors will need to access your property to complete this work. City staff will be sending out letters and automated voice messages to property owners and residents inthe alleyways that are affected by the proposed construction within the Drainage Easement and Public Utility Easements in the Alleyways. This letter will highlight the current status of removal and replacement of items in the alleys and inlcudes a request for Temporary Right of Entry (TROE) to your property, which is a common document used in construction projects, and will allow surveyors to access your property to mark the PUE and any items that would obstruct construction within your fence line. It also grants your permission to allow the conversion from overhead to underground to be constructed on your property from the alley/PUE to your meter. 

Recommendations for this project include: 

  • Addition of new storm sewer systems along Conway Street, Barbara Drive, and River Road.
  • Install new inlets along River Road that connect to an existing channel parallel to the Red Point Apartments to relieve the existing storm system and tie into existing water quality treatment methods. 
  • Install concrete channels within the alleyways parallel to Barbara and Conway to connect to stormwater pipes in River Road
  • Replace adjacent outdated Water and Wastewater Infrastructure.
  • Regrade and crown a portion of River Road.
  • Repave areas of major underground utility upgrades.
  • New diversion channel along River Road at Animal Shelter Road.

The project has achieved Authorization to Use Grant Funds (AUGF) for CDBG-DR and MIT funds and the Environmental Review Record has been approved. 

Construction is scheduled to start early 2022 and complete summer 2024.

Blanco Gardens Neighborhood Projects Story Map

Blanco Gardens Infrastructure Improvements Neighborhood Meeting Presentation - March 4, 2021

Blanco Gardens Infrastructure Improvements Community Meeting Presentation - December 4, 2019

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