Hughson Drive Drainage Improvements - 599

Project Name: Hughson Drive Drainage Improvements

Project Number: 599

Project Manager: Tim Wilson

Current Design Phase: 100%

Construction Estimate: $250,000

Construction Start Year: 2022

Project Information: The Hughson Drive Drainage Improvements project addresses local drainage issues along Hughson Drive. Hughson Drive was originally designed to have a crown along the full length of the road. However, there is currently no crown at the intersection with Manor Park Road. The absence of a crown is leading to flooding issues on the west side of Hughson. The goal of this project is to reduce local drainage issues by restoring the crown at the Manor Park Road intersection. Additional curb inlets will also be considered near the Hughson/Craddock intersection in order to reduce the amount of runoff that enters the intersection. 

Hughson Project Location