Commercial Solid Waste

Any commercial business wishing to have solid waste transported within the San Marcos city limits must use a permitted commercial solid waste hauler, including for construction and demolition.

Residential trash and recycling services are provided through Texas Disposal Services. Residents may select their own haul-off services for construction or demolition-related debris from the list of approved solid waste haulers.


The purposes of Article 3 in the above ordinance created in 2003:

  • To establish minimum standards for commercial solid waste collection and transport activities in the city, in order to ensure orderly operations and to minimize adverse impacts on the public; and
  • To provide for compensation to the city for wear and tear on city streets resulting from commercial solid waste collection and transport in the city.

Needed Forms

If you are a commercial solid waste provider and are not permitted with the City, here are the forms you need to apply for and maintain a permit: