Multifamily Residents

  1. Recycle Where You Live

Multifamily properties currently receive on-site recycling service once a week

Containers and service arrangements vary by property. Locate the shared recycling carts (green with tan lids), dumpsters, or chutes near your property's garbage dumpsters or chutes. 

If you have not received information about the on-site recycling service, call or visit the property management office to learn about the location of recycling containers or chutes and review the recycling tips included below.

Some properties offer valet or doorstep collection for recyclables. The City does not manage valet collection programs. If you live at a property that provides valet collection for recycling, please consult with your property office for service details and guidelines.

  1. How to recycle right

Recycling is easy when you have a system:

Use a two-bin system in your home for recyclables and landfill garbage.

Two bin system

Never bag your recyclables. Collect accepted recyclables loose in your bin. 

Do not bag recyclables

Deposit loose recyclables in one of the designated recycling containers or chutes at your property.
Deposit recyclables loose

Remember these simple rules each time you recycle:

  • Follow the recycling guidelines. Only use the on-site recycling containers for acceptable materials. Recycling programs vary by provider, community, and region. Not all plastic, paper, glass, or metal is accepted in the San Marcos program. 
  • Never bag recyclables. All material should be loose in the recycling containers or chutes. 
  • Keep food and liquids out of recycling. Remember to empty and rinse containers before recycling them. 
  • Flatten boxes. Leave more space for you and your neighbors to recycle more by conserving container capacity. 
  • Do not place material on top of the recycling containers. The containers should always be easily accessible to prevent service issues.
  • Avoid overloading the recycling containers and keep the lids closed. If the recycling containers are full, place your recyclables inside a small box next to the containers. Recycling Customers can also use the 24-hour drop-off at Green Guy Recycling for free.
  1. Questions or Concerns

If recycling is not available or services need improvements (more signage, increased containers, additional education, etc.), the Resource Recovery Division can help. Contact our office for more information. 

Report service issues (contaminated containers, overflowing containers, locked enclosures/chutes, etc.) to the Resource Recovery Division within one business day to ensure prompt issue resolution. 

If you need assistance with a garbage service issue, please talk with your property manager or report persistent garbage issues to Code Compliance.