Bobcats Give Back. A New Take on Move-Out. Waste Less. Donate More.

Bobcats Give Back is a sustainable move-out initiative created to provide an outlet for gently used and unwanted household goods

Each summer, thousands of students move between July and August, resulting in a significant volume of landfill waste. Many items abandoned or thrown away during move-out are in good condition and suitable for reuse.  

San Marcos Resource Recovery offers convenient donation sites at participating Texas State University Residence Halls and off-campus multifamily apartments to promote landfill diversion. 

Students are encouraged to reduce their move-out waste by donating unwanted clothing, non-perishable food, small appliances, electronics, batteries, luggage, home decor, linens, kitchenware, cookware, and other household goods to the program

The collected donations are distributed to local organizations, recycling centers, and reuse businesses

Since 2018, the program has collected over 18,000 lbs of donations. 

Help keep valuable resources out of the landfill by donating your unwanted goods this summer. Join us on our mission to end waste and make move-out sustainable.

On-Campus Donations
Off-Campus Donations