Recycling Ordinance


Ordinance 2010-73 requires all multifamily properties with five or more units to recycle. Property owners/managers must allow access to recycling service through the City's contracted provider. 

All multifamily residents are billed the service fee through their utility account or the property owner/manager's utility account(s). 

In extreme cases of recycling container misuse, San Marcos Resource Recovery may approve the termination of the on-site recycling program. In these instances, Resource Recovery will first work with the property to resolve the issue before stopping recycling collection and provide notice of termination to the property owner/manager and current residents. 

If on-site recycling collection stops, the recycling service fee will remain active because the multifamily fee funds other off-site recycling and reuse programs available to multifamily residents. 

If you have questions about the ordinance or do not have access to recycling, please contact our office at 512-393-8407.