Fiscal Year 2024 | Proposed Budget
Fiscal Year 2024 will take place October 1, 2023 through September 30, 2024 

The proposed budget for Fiscal Year 2023-2024 can be viewed online.

Below are the legal notices and worksheets related to the 2023 Tax Rate and FY 24 Budget:
     • 2023 Tax Rate Calculation Worksheet
     • Notice About 2023 Tax Rates
     • Notice of Public Hearing on Budget
Notice of Public Hearing on Tax Increase

Proposed Rate Increases for Utility Customers Include:
      • Community Enhancement Fee - (English or Español)
      • Resource Recovery Rates - (English or Español)
      • Electric Utility Rates - (English or Español)
      • Water-Wastewater Utility Rates - (English or Español)

Upcoming Public Meetings & Hearings

Tuesday - September 5, 6:00pm
     • Budget - Public hearing and first reading of ordinance
     • Tax Rate - Public hearing and first reading of ordinance

Tuesday - September 19, 6:00pm
     • Budget - Final adoption
     • Tax Rate - Final adoption

Public meetings and hearings held at: 
City of San Marcos Council Chambers - City Hall, 630 E. Hopkins Street


P | (512) 393 - 8170

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Current Year (FY 2024) and Previous Budgets

City of San Marcos Strategic Plan

The City of San Marcos Strategic Plan was developed through a Visioning session held in January 2023. The plan reflects our shared community goals and desired outcomes for public safety, environmental protection, economic vitality, mobility and connectivity, and quality of life.