National Community Survey

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The City of San Marcos is launching the National Community Survey to gather feedback from residents on an array of issues including housing affordability, transportation, education, recreational opportunities, and civic engagement. The survey, administered by Polco, is available in English and Spanish, and responses will be collected through November 4, 2022. The survey is open to everyone in San Marcos, and we encourage all of our residents to participate! All of the information you provide to Polco remains completely anonymous and confidential. The City of San Marcos cannot identify you through your responses and participating in the survey will not impact your status in any way.

La Ciudad de San Marcos está preparándose para lanzar la Encuesta Comunitaria Nacional, para recopilar opiniones de sus residentes. La Ciudad está buscando opiniones sobre la disponibilidad de vivienda a bajo costo, transportación, educación, oportunidades de recreación, y participación cívica. La encuesta, administrada por Polco, está disponible en inglés y español. Respuestas serán colectadas hasta el 4 de noviembre de 2022. La encuesta está abierta a cualquier persona que viva en San Marcos. ¡Invitamos a todos nuestros residentes a que participen! Toda la información que provees a Polco será completamente anónima y confidencial. La Ciudad de San Marcos no podrá identificarte por medio de tus respuestas. Participar en la encuesta no afectará tu estatus de ninguna manera.

Preguntas Frecuentes

National Community Survey Timeline

September 22 - 23

A representative sample of San Marcos residents will receive an invitation to participate in the National Community Survey by mail. If you have an invitation in your mailbox, please complete the survey and submit your feedback. If you didn't receive an invitation in the mail, don't worry! The online open participation portion is identical to the mailed survey.

October 21

Participation in the survey is open to all community members. Please only complete the survey one time. If you received an invitation by mail to complete the survey, it's preferred that you use the link mailed to you to submit your feedback.

November 4

This is the last day to take the National Community Survey.


The results shared by Polco will be available publicly and the City will provide access information to our community upon receipt.