Motor Unit

The Motor Unit is part of the City Marshals Office and is comprised of four certified Deputy Marshals who operate two electric motorcycles and three gas powered motorcycles. To be considered for the Unit, these Marshals must have their “M” Endorsement (motorcycle license), complete the basic Field Training program for patrol, and be in good standing within the Department. Deputies are also required to attend a Basic Electric Police Motorcycle Course (80 hours) and successfully pass a Motor Field Training Program. This Training Program is the first motor course training program in the state that is recognized by TCOLE (Texas Commission on Law Enforcement).

Electric Motorcycles

In 2022, the City Marshals Office placed two “Zero” DSR- (Police model) electric motorcycles into service. These dual-sport motorcycles manufactured by the ZERO Motorcycle Company can run for about 150 miles on a single charge. They are 100% electric, produce no emissions, and are almost silent when operating, making them ideal for use in the City’s parks and natural areas, which is where the new Motor Unit will spend most of their time. The low heat and quiet features also allow for safer and easier communication between Deputies and the public.

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