Dog's Day Out Program

Legolas Dog's Day OutWant to help shelter dogs get out of the shelter and destress? Sign up for the San Marcos Regional Animal Shelter's Dog's Day Out Program!

The goal of the San Marcos Regional Animal Shelter Dog's Day Out (DDO) program is to give our dogs a field trip so they can destress from the loud shelter environment. A DDO helps gives them enrichment by showing them new smells, and places, and gives them exercise.

This allows shelter staff to get notes on how they are in everyday situations and learn more about their personalities. Not every dog is a candidate for the DDO program, but staff will work to make the best match possible for your outing. 

This program is currently only available on Monday & Friday from 8:30 to 11:30 a.m. and Wednesday from 9 a.m. to 3 p.m.

How to get started: Lola cheesing on a DDO

  1. Complete the Dog's Day Out application
  2. Go over protocols and procedures
  3. Look for an email from our coordinator within 72 hours
  4. The coordinator will assist in scheduling a day and time for your outing 
  5. Review and sign the Agreement and General Release form when you come in for your scheduled Dog's Day Outing
  6. Take your shelter pup on a great outing! 

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Questions about the Dog's Day Out Program? Send an email to

Dog's Day Out FAQs

No, any member of the community is able to participate in SMRAS' Dog's Day Out Program.

Participants in the program must complete the DDO application and have a valid Government I.D. 

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