02-09-23 SMFD Newsletter #5

02-09-23 CMO Newsletter 5

SMFD Newsletter #5

Texas Fire Service Hall of Honor

FRISCO, TEXAS – On Monday, January 9, four individuals were inducted into the new Texas Fire Service Hall of Honor for their career-long commitments to the Texas Fire Service. These individuals were the first recipients of the Texas Fire Service Hall of Honor Lifetime Achievement Award, which recognizes current or former firefighters or emergency service personnel for their outstanding contributions to the Texas Fire Service.

The Hall of Honor Award was initially envisioned by Chief Danny Kistner of McKinney Fire Department, who worked with TEEX and Chief Les Stephens of San Marcos Fire Department to bring the idea to fruition.

Chief Stephens had the honor of presenting this award to retired Dallas Lieutenant Steve Harris. Lt. Harris instructed Chief Stephens in his HazMat Technician class in Dallas in 2002!

FRO-A Renewal

The Texas Department of State Health Services (DSHS) first recognized the San Marcos Fire Department as a First Responder Organization – Basic in 2011. The designation must be renewed every two years. With the 2015 renewal, we increased our operational capabilities by becoming an Advanced First Responder Organization. This designation allows our Paramedics and Advanced Emergency Medical Technicians (EMT-Ps and EMT-As) the ability to provide Advanced Life Support to the community, such as starting IVs, drug administration, EKGs, intubations, and more. 

Currently on staff, SMFD employs EMT - Basic (49), EMT - Advanced (5), Paramedic (32) with 2 firefighters currently enrolled full-time in Paramedic school with an additional 7 enrolled in online courses.