04-20-23 SMFD Newsletter #9

04-20-23 CMO Newsletter 9

SMFD Newsletter #9

Fire Marshal Promotion

Congratulations to Jonathan Henderson, who was officially promoted to Fire Marshal for the San Marcos Fire Department!

Chief Henderson has proven his ability to thrive and be successful in this role as the Interim Fire Marshal and will continue to excel in this incredibly important role.

Jonathan recently led the effort to adopt the 2021 International Fire Code (IFC), including some of the most progressive amendments anywhere in the State. He was also instrumental in leading the effort to establish a relationship with the Compliance Engine to help create a safer environment for our business owners, their customers, and ultimately our firefighters who may have to operate within those buildings. 

2023 State Farm Grant

State Farm has been hard at work re-vamping their Grants process, and SMFD was fortunate enough to receive an amazing $10k for the purpose of furthering our Junior Fire Academy program! With these funds, we will be able to purchase additional gear for the campers, provide more exciting experiences and "training", and also offset the cost of our recently purchased 96' custom inflatable obstacle course!

Our gratitude goes out to State Farm for their continued support of this amazing program!

A BIG REVEAL at the annual awards ceremony!

The SMFD Annual Award Ceremony was held this past Saturday, April 15, 2023 at Hays County BBQ. Many well-deserving members of our Operations crew, city personnel, and citizens were recognized for their accomplishments and contributions to the department over the past year.

The capstone event of the evening was when a flatbed trailer entered the parking lot of the restaurant carrying the SMFD's very first motorized fire truck, named "Old Faithful", which was purchased in the year 1914! The purchase of this 1914 American LaFrance Type 12 No. 690 Pumper came just after a devastating fire destroyed all of the department's horse-drawn fire apparatus, two horses, hose, and equipment. 

"Old Faithful" was put into service in early 1915  and made every fire up to 1926 when she was semi-retired due to the department's acquisition of "Old Betsy"- a 1926 ALF Pumper truck. 

After changing hands and owners for the next few years, "Old Faithful" found herself in the service of Governor Bill Daniel who moved her to the Plantation Ranch in Romayor, Texas around 1956. She remained on the Ranch for 35 years, helping to entertain thousands of people at the large events that the Daniels family would host for special needs children and their families up until 1992 when she was tucked away in a barn and has not been driven or started since.

In 2021, Nan and John Headrick took possession of "Old Faithful" and began researching her history. It was soon discovered that the SMFD had ordered this Fire truck, and after much discussion, the desision was made to send "Old Faithful" home!

A HUGE thank you to the Headrick family for helping to restore such a monumental piece of SMFD history!