Economic Vitality

View of downtown businesses along the historic courthouse square in downtown.

The City of San Marcos fosters a vibrant economic climate for our community through new commercial and residential uses, education, workforce development, and support of new and existing businesses of all sizes.

Outcome Statement: Encourage the development of a diverse economy through technical and financial assistance to businesses that invest in the community to enhance the lives of our residents.

I. Implement Legacy Business Program and other incentives adopted in the Economic Development Policy.

  • This program will be available in fall of 2023.  

II. Explore menu of economic development options.  

  • Launched Minority Business Stabilization Fund to provide direct assistance to local businesses.  
  • BIG grants, Legacy Business Program, Sustainable Resources Grants, Small Business Retention Incentive, the Main Street Incentive Grant, and the Downtown Co-Marketing Fund are ongoing programs with funding available for local businesses.  
  • Chapter 380 grants, Economic Development Supplemental Fund, and Speculative Building Incentive are ongoing programs with funding available for prospective businesses.  
  • The city has procured services from BCL of Texas and Riparius to augment workforce and entrepreneurship development efforts.