Officers Conduct a Bar Check to Ensure Compliance With TABC Laws

Mission Statement

The Downtown Unit focuses on Community Policing and crime prevention techniques in the Central Business District of San Marcos. The unit engages in proactive patrol in an effort to reduce crime by high visibility, officer presence, and enforcement activity.

The major advantage held by our foot and bicycle patrol officers is their regular face-to-face contact with the citizens. The Downtown Patrol Unit strives to make the most of this advantage by favorable contacts with citizens who live and work in the downtown area, as well as with visitors to San Marcos. Our objective is to combine the individual contact of the historical "beat officer" with the benefits of the latest community policing initiatives. The Downtown officer strives to be thoroughly familiar with his/her area and to facilitate a positive community / law enforcement relationship with persons in the area by being known and accessible.

Duties of the Downtown Unit

  • Attempt to solve problems and address concerns that the downtown community might have
  • Attend Downtown Association and Main Street San Marcos meetings
  • Engage in high-visibility foot patrol
  • Instruct classes for ID card fraud, Liquor Law violations, and TABC rules
  • Investigate all criminal activity in the downtown area
  • Serve as liaison between downtown businesses and the City