School Resource Officers

The National Association of School Resource Officers (NASRO) defines School Resource Officers as: A fully sworn/commissioned Law Enforcement officer whose primary assignment is within the local schools for the purpose of enforcing laws; conducting law-related workshops and presentations to the students and faculty; and counseling or mentoring students.

All San Marcos Police Department School Resource Officers are veteran officers who have chosen to work with children and teenagers. When not involved with the day to day activities in the schools, these are the same officers that you will see patrolling your neighborhoods.

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Most importantly, San Marcos Police School Resource Officers are there to "bridge the gap between Cops and Kids." To do this, Officers work under what is called the Triad-Concept of Policing. Using this philosophy, an officer often acts as an Educator, Counselor, and Law Enforcement Officer within the school environment. This can encompass a variety of roles, such as:

Problem Solver & Liaison to the Community

SROs are a source for citizens who may have questions relating to students. By working closely with the Community, SROs are able to find problem areas.

Law Enforcement Specialist

SROs are fully sworn peace officers. However they receive additional training that is specific to the school positions, which maximizes the officer's effectiveness in the school setting.

Safety Advisor

SROs and school administrators work closely together in order to provide a safe environment for school-aged children. SROs assist the schools in developing crisis plans and evacuation procedures, as well as identifying issues that are safety concerns.


By working with the students, SROs are often able to establish a rapport. SROs are very approachable and become a source for answers and advice.

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School Officer Phone 
San Marcos High School Officer JR Mendoza 512-393-6891
San Marcos High School Officer Philip Nevarez 512-393-6584
Owen Goodnight Middle School Officer Christopher Marroquin 512-393-6675
Doris Miller Middle School Officer Linda Stewart 512-393-8081 x.9530
Lamar Personalized Learning Center Officer Dustin Slaughter 512-393-6891