Food Establishment Fees

Fixed Food Establishments

Charge Description           
One to five employees                                                                                                                                 $321
Six to nineteen employees
Twenty or more employees
Plan Review
1/2 "half" of permit fee
Re-inspection fee $108

Mobile Food Units

Charge Description Fee
Mobile Food Unit Inspection/Permit Fee $214
Mobile Food Unit Fire Inspection Fee $50

Temporary Events

Charge Description Fee
Temporary Event Permit (up to 14 days)
Farmers' Market Permit
Seasonal Permit (up to 180 days) $108

Childcare Facilities

Charge Description Fee
Daycare Inspection $108
Foster Home Inspection                                                       No Fee

Fee Schedule for On Site Sewage Facilities

Private Sewage Facility Permit

Will include license to operate upon approval
Charge Description Fee
Single Family Residence $268
Plan Review Residential
Plan Review Non-Residential
Re-inspection Trip Charge