Fire Tips

Hot for Safety!

  • Do not overload sockets or extension cords.
  • Test your home's smoke alarms. Make sure they can be heard in bedrooms even when the doors are closed. If not, install smoke alarms in the bedrooms. Make sure your family members know what the alarm sounds like.
  • Blow out candles before leaving the room or going to sleep.
Fire Smart Flyer

If you need help installing or checking your home smoke detectors, the San Marcos Fire Department can install new detectors and check your current ones. Call the Smoke Detector Hotline at 512-393-8484; (English and Spanish options are available) to schedule this free service that is available for residents living within the San Marcos City limits.

Have one or more ABC-type fire extinguishers (a good, all purpose extinguisher choice for homes) handy and in an easily accessible location. Read the directions and familiarize yourself with the use of your extinguisher now, before you are in the midst of an actual emergency.