Advisory Boards

Parks and Recreation staffs a variety of city boards and commissions. You can attend and be a part of what goes on in the city. We encourage citizen input and value your opinion. 

Cemetery Commission

The Cemetery Commission is to act as a liaison between the city staff and citizens to determine citizen expectation and give recommendations to the City Council for budget, maintenance, projects and special programs at the cemetery based on these expectations.

Parks & Recreation Advisory Board

This board provides advice and recommendations to the City Council in matters regarding acquisition, development, improvement, equipment and maintenance of all City parks, playgrounds and facilities.

San Marcos Commission on Children and Youth

This commission will implement strategies set forth in the Youth Master Plan, review progress toward meeting the goals and develop a process to recommend additional goals or refine existing goals, and to ensure data for the Youth Master Plan priority indicators is collected on an annual basis and presented for City Council, School Board, and public review.

San Marcos Youth Commission

This commission shall represent the voices of the youth in the community and advise elected officials and other policy makers about issues affecting and of interest to youth, offer policy-making recommendations on issues affecting youth, identify youth issues that need community attention, and perform tasks and work on projects of the San Marcos Commission on Children and Youth.

Senior Citizen Advisory Board

This board acts in an advisory capacity to the City Council on matters involving senior citizens in the San Marcos Community.

Veterans Affairs Advisory Board

Browse Veteran Affairs Advisory Committee meeting dates, agendas and minutes.