Western Neighborhood

Neighborhood Character Study

Western Neighborhood Plan

Each neighborhood has its own unique qualities and characteristics. Join fellow community members in guiding how the goals of Vision San Marcos, the City's Comprehensive Plan, can be achieved in a way that works best for your neighborhood.

Neighborhood Plan Timeline

  1. Fall 2017

    • Code SMTX
    • Comprehensive Plan Update to Incorporate Neighborhoods
  1. Winter 2017

    • Neighborhood Character Plan
  1. Spring 2018

    • Implement First Neighborhood Character Plan Through the New Zoning Code

Western Neighborhood Workshop

The Neighborhood Workshop for the Western Study Area was held on Saturday, May 2, 2015 from 10 a.m. to noon at Crockett Elementary School Cafeteria, 1300 Girard Street in San Marcos.

On Saturday, May 2, 2015 residents from the Western Neighborhood study area worked together during a Neighborhood Workshop to identify:

  • Appropriate places for improvements that implement the policies in the City's Comprehensive Plan, Vision San Marcos
  • Areas that are susceptible to change
  • Areas that make up the character of their neighborhood and are important to preserve

Check out the maps and comments (PDF) from this activity.


Workshop participants also brainstormed objectives that would apply four different Goals of the Comprehensive Plan in their neighborhoods by completing the following statements:

  • In order to Direct Growth so it is Compatible with Surrounding Uses in our neighborhood, I suggest...
  • In order to have a Multimodal Transportation Network that Improves Accessibility and Mobility and Minimizes Congestion ad Reduces Pollution in our neighborhood, I suggest...
  • In order to have Diversified Housing Option to Serve Citizens with Varying Needs in our neighborhood, I suggest...
  • In order to have a Differentiated Collection of Connected and Easily Navigated Parks and Public Spaces in our neighborhood, I suggest...

Review the objectives that participants came up with (PDF) during the workshop.