San Marcos-Blanco Cemetery


According to Ollie Giles, the San Marcos-Blanco Cemetery was established in 1893 by five African American men - Wyatt Newman, James Landon, Henry Richardson, Lucky McQueen and Miles Bowen. The 10.62 acres were purchased for $200 cash and a deed signed on June 16, 1893.

Officially, it became the San Marcos-Blanco Association Cemetery in 1901. In 1981, several local residents reorganized a cemetery association and had the name changed to San Marcos Community Cemetery. Some years later it was changed back to San Marcos-Blanco.


Please note: This cemetery is not owned, managed or maintained by the City of San Marcos.


Today there are more than 400 graves with headstones and inscriptions. Many others do not have headstones, and Giles says there are probably still more that are unmarked and undiscovered. The cemetery is located on Post Road north of San Marcos. Driving from downtown San Marcos, go past the entrance to Aquarena Springs to the traffic light then turn left on Post Road and proceed down the road toward Five Mile Dam, about three miles. The cemetery is located on the right side of the road.